Teaching and Learning Route

Teaching and Learning Route

The Teaching and Learning route are for those aiming to further develop their pedagogical skills. It is aimed at those who are already experts in their practice and should allow them to focus on an area of interest and support in the further development of Teaching and Learning across the academy. By taking this route, you will join the Teaching and Learning group and support and further develop the CPD offered at the academy. There is also the opportunity to take part in action research.

Teaching and Learning Route Sessions:

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Making Sense Of RosenshineBook Now
What Is Metacognition And Why Is It Important?Book Now
Making Best Use Of Formative AssessmentBook Now
The Theory Behind Adaptive Teaching (And How Do We Do It Well)Book Now
What Is Cognitive Load And Why Do We Care?Book Now

The Teaching and Learning Group

The Teaching and Learning Group plays a key role in developing teaching and learning throughout the school. They support the development of new policies, suggesting changes and improvements and supporting the delivery of CPD. They also take a leading role in things like Open Classroom Week. 

As part of the Teaching and Learning Group, you will support in working groups that focus on key whole school priorities. As well as meeting regularly to discuss developments in school and support in developing and implementing new policies.

Teaching and Learning Group Testimonies

“Being part of the teaching and learning group has allowed me to have a real impact on whole school changes. The group have a genuine say in teaching and learning at Victory. It has also allowed me to take part in really lively and engaging debate about pedagogy.”  Carol Long

“There is a genuine lively debate of ideas. The teaching and learning group are encouraged to express their ideas, and those ideas often will lead to real changes.”  Joe Kendrick-Erickson

Victory Journal and Action Research

Those who take the teaching and learning route can lead on action research. If there is an area that you wish to investigate you will need to find other staff willing to work with you. You will then work in consultation with the AP for Teaching and Learning. There is also the opportunity to contribute to the Victory Journal. This is a collection of papers on key teaching and learning strategies and ideas designed to inform and share good practice.