Our Library


Our beautiful new library, in Platinum Block, benefits from over 6000 fiction and non-fiction books, as well as computer facilities. The library also has a section for Careers Guidance, giving students up-to-date information about a variety of pathways. The Library offers a range of books to suit all interests and takes into account student feedback.

Library Access

Students are able to visit the library during the academy day; before school, during break and lunch times and at the end of each day for Homework Club.

The Library Opening hours are Monday-Friday: 8.30am-4.15pm

Borrowing Books

Students are able to borrow up to three books for three weeks, which can be renewed up to three times. There are also reference books for students to use within the library.

Accelerated Reader

Students in Years 7 and 8 benefit from the academy’s Accelerated Reader programme. Students may borrow books of their choice from the library to read in their English lessons where they are given 20 minutes to read silently. After finishing their book, students are encouraged to take an online quiz to assess their progress and choose their next book.

Students and Parents/Carers can also access Accelerated Reader and complete book quizzes at home: https://ukhosted62.renlearn.co.uk/1951393/

Homework Club

Homework Club is on every day after school, from 2.45pm until 4.15pm Monday-Friday. The Homework Club provides access to computers and facilities for printing homework. Help with homework is also provided by staff.

Library Events

The library hosts a variety of exciting events, including author visits and themed evenings throughout the academic year. Keep following us on social media to keep up with the latest events!


Library Manager: Ms J. Cole
Telephone: 01603 742310 Ext 222
Email: [email protected]
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