A Level Psychology

Psychology is concerned with understanding many different aspects of people. Specifically, it can be defined as ‘the scientific study of mind and behaviour’. The various different areas of psychology have been, and continue to be, investigated by scientific research methods. The results of which then lead to theories and models, which are used as a basis for continued research. A-level psychology will look at some of these key areas along with the important and influential researchers and their findings. The course will cover the following topics – research methods, approaches, biopsychology, psychopathology, social influence, memory, attachments, issues and debates, cognition and development, schizophrenia and forensic psychology. The course is 100% exam based.

Student Handbook 20-21 AS Level

Student Handbook 20-21 A Level

Level 3 BTEC

In Psychology students will study Psychological Approaches & Applications, Conducting Psychological Research, Health Psychology and Criminal & Forensic Psychology.

This qualification includes practical activities, which the A level does not and it is 50% externally assessed and 50% internally assessed through coursework projects.

Potential Careers: Psychology A-Level will prepare students for a range of university options and careers which include chartered psychologist (counselling, educational, forensic, clinical, sport and occupational), health and social work, teaching, police force and personnel.

Student Handbook 20-21 BTEC

Curriculum Overview

Psychology Curriculum Overview 2021 Autumn Half Term