Young Carers

Carer Friendly Tick Award

At the end of Autumn Term 2019 we were thrilled to learn that our application for the renewal of our Norfolk Youth Carer Friendly Tick Award for Education had been successful.

We were first awarded this quality mark in Summer 2018 and since then have been continuing and developing the work we do to support our students who are Young Carers.

As part of the application process we were asked to provide some statements from our Young Carers explaining how we, as a school, help to make their lives as carers a little easier….

“Our school offers a range of support for young carers. If we are having trouble at home and can’t complete our homework in time we are given and extension or if we are late we are excused late detentions because some of us have to take our brothers and sisters to school In the morning. If there is an issue at home our parents/guardians (or anyone who may know about it) are allowed to call me during school hours and I have permission to answer it (I have a Young Carers phone sticker in my planner). We also wear badges from the school (if we want to) so teachers can identify us and if we require extra support.”

“I am a young carers’ ambassador. I also have a sticker in my planner so that if my parents need to message me I can go out of class and see what the message says because the messages could be important. School is great when it comes to solving issues that have happened to me with family. Also the school tells the students about how a young carer might feel like and what responsibilities they might have”.

Feedback from the Norfolk Young Carer’s Forum Panel was extremely positive, saying that…

“The young people were really impressed with your application and it was a unanimous yes from them all!”

Young Carers’ Charter

We are tremendously proud of all of our students’ achievements at Victory. Above all, we are committed to ensuring every Victory student is motivated, ready to learn independently and enthusiastically and make valuable contributions to their community and the wider world.

Our academy’s values are represented by the names of our four colleges: Courage, Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise. These are 4 key traits we want our students to embrace as learners and as adults.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to meet these aims, the academy is committed to listening to and supporting any student who has a caring role or responsibilities for others at home. In doing this, we hope this will ultimately improve the educational experiences and achievements of our Young Carers and empower them to seek help and support when necessary. Many Young Carers shoulder responsibilities well beyond their years, and our academy is committed to working hard to support these students to become the best that they can be, despite the additional pressures they face.

Our commitment to our Young Carers:

  1. There will be no assumptions about the needs of Young Carers. Instead we will listen to the Young Carers’ voices, involve them fully in decisions about their education, allow them to inform us of the support they require to fulfil their full potential and support their additional needs as a Young Carer.
  2. We commit to supporting any student who has caring responsibilities at home eg. providing a degree of flexibility with homework deadlines, unavoidable lateness/leaving early & communication
    with home (these will be agreed on an individual basis with Young Carers according to need).
  3. We will keep up to date with national and local developments and with legislation and guidance affecting young carers and their families.
  4. We are committed to meeting the needs of our Young Carers so that they are enabled and encouraged to attend and enjoy school and have equal access to education and additional enrichment opportunities as their peers.
  5. We have a designated Senior Leader (Dr Allen) for Young Carers who is the key link between the academy and its Young Carers and their families. Students and their families will be made aware of the identity of the academy’s lead.
  6. Training on Young Carer issues will be embedded in ongoing professional development for all staff and pupils.
  7. We are committed to offering support to improve the attendance and well-being of our Young Carers when necessary.
  8. Information about support available for Young Carers and how to access it will be available to both pupils and families, clearly signposted on our website and in our Victory Flag publication.
  9. The academy recognises that Young Carers and their families need to receive a coordinated approach to support, with the academy working in partnership, where appropriate, with general practitioners, Young Carers services and other relevant organisations.
  10. The academy respects the rights of our Young Carers to privacy and confidentiality.

Young Carers’ commitment to our academy:
We are children and young people who are also carers. We are fully committed to doing everything we possibly can to achieve our full potential at school, while trying to balance the additional responsibilities associated with being a Young Carer.

  1. We commit to attending school regularly and on time wherever possible. If circumstances arise
    which cause us a problem with this, we will let someone at the academy know as soon as possible.
  2. We commit to meeting academy deadlines for completing and handing in homework wherever
    possible. If we are unable to meet a deadline for reasons beyond our control, we will speak to the
    subject teacher (or Dr Allen) to discuss a way forward and negotiate an extension were possible.
  3. If we are in possession of a Young Carers mobile phone pass (blue sticker or badge) we will ensure
    we follow academy procedures with respect to our mobile phone usage and do not abuse this
  4. If we are having problems or struggling with something either in or outside of school, we will try
    our best to speak to someone at school (Dr Allen is the designated link member of the Senior
    Leadership team for Young Carers) so that plans can be put in place to ensure we are supported as
    much as possible.

Our Academy Lead for Young Carers is:

Miss M Hazell

Assistant Principal for Raising Achievement (Basics and Vulnerable Groups)

Email: [email protected]