GCSE Classical Civilisation

What is Classical Civilisation?

Classical Civilisation has been designed to provide learners with a broad, coherent and rewarding study of the culture of the classical world. It offers learners the opportunity to study elements of   the literature and visual/material culture of the classical world, and acquire an understanding of their social, historical and cultural contexts.

Students study two units which focus on the following areas:

Myth and Religion – the ancient gods, the universal hero: Heracles/Hercules, religion and the city: temples, myth and the city: foundation stories, Greek and Roman festivals, myth and symbols of power, death and burial, journeying to the underworld.

Roman city life – Roman housing, the Roman home and family, Roman society, leisure and entertainment, literature – satire and fiction, Pliny and his letters, literature – experiencing Roman city life, literature – relationships and Roman society.

Students will explore a series of prescribed set sites and evidence to help explore these different areas.

Each unit is assessed through a 90 minute written exam.