Our Rewards System at Victory

At Victory we aim to create a culture where praise, rewards and achievements are widely celebrated. It is important to us that students are always motivated to work as hard as possible. Therefore we have created our new reward system, where students will be rewarded for a whole range of activities, both academic and pastoral.

Visa Points

One of the ways in which we reward students, is by giving them visa points for their hard work and achievements, both in lessons and around the academy. Within each lesson students will have the opportunity to earn Visa Points for excellent commitment to learning through producing excellent class work, demonstrating a positive attitude to learning and for good homework. 

Visa Shop

As students earn their visa points, they have the opportunity to save up and spend them. Students will be given a running total of their visa points by tutors each week and can order their rewards online, using the Class Charts app.

Examples of rewards includes:

  • Free Lunch Pass
  • Ormiston Travel Mug
  • Ormiston Orange Water Bottle
  • Ormiston Clear Water Bottle
  • Sign from DT
  • Non-Uniform Day
  • Teacher for a lesson
  • Priority End of Term Department
  • Beauty treatments
  • Beauty vouchers
  • Journals
  • Tickets to school performances
  • Stationery

Rewards Assemblies

At the end of each half term, we hold a rewards assembly for each year group. In each assembly, students are rewarded for:

  • 100% Attendance – prize draw.
  • Most visas per form.
  • Sporting Achievements – winners of Inter-college competitions.

Visa Point Reward Claim

To find out how many points you have or to claim a reward, please access the Rewards Store on Class Charts.