GCSE Economics

GCSE Economics allows students to understand how markets and economies work, they will develop an economic awareness to benefit them personally and professionally for years to come.
There are lots of opportunities to talk about today’s economic issues in your lessons. Students can develop communication, critical thinking and analytical skills through tasks based on anything from ways to cut the budget deficit, to weighing up the pros and cons of inflation or being part of free-trade agreements. Students will benefit from these transferable skills in their further study and employment.

A Level Economics

A Level Economic highlights the importance of economic issues in modern society and seeks to encourage an understanding of the economic forces that shape all our lives in today’s world. It is an excellent subject for developing personal transferable skills.
Economics is about people and their economic choices. Studying economics allows students to develop an awareness and understanding of the economic forces that shape all our lives.
Economics is indisputably the most powerful social science, with economists working in key roles in government and in international organisations.
The global economy is a highly competitive one; studying Economics will help give you that competitive advantage.
Employers and universities value the content, the questioning attitudes and the skills which are acquired through studying Economics. Now, more than ever, it seems the study of Economics is invaluable.

Business, Economics and Tourism Overview

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