The Scholars' Challenges

Welcome to The Scholars’ Challenge page

The thing that defines success in academia is the willingness to challenge oneself and learn independently, and outside of the classroom. A desire to acquire new knowledge, new ideas and new passions that stretches across the spectrum of academia is fundamental to developing a rounded and inquisitive young scholar. Indeed, when applying to an Oxbridge standard university, part of the interview and application process is to evidence that the candidate has a wide range of passions beyond just the subject that the student will be applying for.

At Victory Academy, our Victory Scholars are given the opportunity to research and submit independent research for our Scholars’ Challenge, which covers a wide range of tasks from English to Science, Art to History and everything in between. Scholars are invited to submit their independent research and can be rewarded with vouchers to spend either on themselves or with their family and friends. We believe that success should not only be celebrated and rewarded, but that it should also be shared with those important people in their lives.

Please enjoy some of Victory Scholars’ work.

Students’ work:

George, Year 7

Archie, Year 7

Ben, Year 7

More will come later