Religious Education


We believe the delivery of Religious Education is imperative in educating students about the world in which they live and creating tolerant and well-rounded individuals. The RE curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity for the ethical, philosophical and theological world around them whilst giving them the core knowledge of a variety of religions. Furthermore the RE curriculum provides pupils with the knowledge and skills required to develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural character. It provides opportunities for learning to engage with questions of beliefs, value, meaning, purpose, truth and th influence these have on human life. Religious Education develops learning ability to construct well argued, well informed and balances argument demonstrating a breadth and depth of knowledge.

Curriculum Overview

Religious Education is a timetabled lesson for students and follows the key elements of the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus. In KS3 students focus primarily on the beliefs, teaching and practices of many religious groups and are given ample opportunity to compare these to their own way of life and to others within society. During KS4 students apply key teachings, beliefs and practices to ethical and philosophical issues. Throughout RE lessons debate and discussion are key and opportunities to explore varying opinions and beliefs are given including those of non-religious people and humanists.

Progression and Careers

Religious Education can follow onto an A-Level and university degree in many subjects including Philosophy and Ethics. Other subjects it would be beneficial for include: Law, Politics, Classics, History, Psychology and English.

Religious Education has many transferable skills which would benefit a range of future careers including: politician, historian, charity worker, careers in the army, lawyer, journalist, teacher, doctor, vet, working for large companies abroad and author.

Feedback and questions

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback regarding the Religious Education programme please contact Mrs Cordy, Head of RE by emailing [email protected]

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