Our vision is for students at Ormiston Victory Academy to develop the skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe, to be active and responsible citizens, to lead healthy lives, to be financially literate and to plan a fulfilling career. Students should understand what it means to be a British citizen, to be able to make positive choices about their future and wellbeing and to have the courage to challenge stereotypes and attitudes which may hold themselves or others back. Furthermore students will know where to seek further support and guidance both within and outside of the academy.


All schools have a duty to ensure students receive a rich and relevant Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. Some aspects of this curriculum are statutory. As an academy we plan our delivery of content carefully to be age appropriate and adaptable to suit the key priorities of the academy. Further to this we use both local and national data to ensure our curriculum is underpinned by evidence of what students need to learn about. We feel that we have a moral obligation to propare all students for life beyond education and equip them to be successful citizens and make positive contributions to society.

Ormiston Victory Academy’s PSHE provision is delivered through our timetabled PSHE lessons alongside our form and assembly programme. Lessons are taught using a range of teaching and learning techniques to engage all students. The curriculum is not only designed to be adaptable but also many units are revisited throughout the year groups to ensure additional learning at an age appropriate stage e.g. our relationship and Sex education (RSE) units

Feedback and question

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback regarding the PSHE programme please contact Mrs Cordy, Head of PSHE by emailing [email protected]

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