Sixth Form Applications

Applying to study at Lord Nelson Sixth Form College

The process detailed in this section is for admissions for Sixth Form admissions. For further information on this process, please contact Mr Timm, Assistant Principal for Sixth Form on [email protected]

The prospectus will be published during the Autumn Term each year. All current Ormiston Victory Academy students will be invited to an open event and the event will be marketed locally and on the school website to encourage external candidates. They will be specifically issued to:

  • All current Year 11 students
  • Students visiting from other educational establishments
  • Those making specific requests by contacting the school

Number of spaces

The academy has agreed published admission number of up to 280 applicants per year.

Application process

Applications for the 2023/2024 academic year begin on 10th September 2022. The closing date for applications for this year is 31st July 2023.

Your application for Sixth Form can be submitted through Help You Choose or Google Forms.

Please apply through either of these websites. Alternatively, you may click here to download a copy of the application form. Please email completed application forms to [email protected].

The application process is the same for existing academy students and for those who are transferring from another school/academy.

Information, advice and guidance meetings/interviews are set up for every prospective Sixth Form student, with their parents, to provide expert professional support at a critical time of decision.
Students who do not meet the entry criteria can discuss the courses that they want to follow with the Assistant Principal responsible for Sixth Form and may be given permission to join in exceptional circumstances.

Offer letters are sent out within 14 days of the scheduled meeting taken place. The offer may be conditional or unconditional, depending on the course.

Late applications will only be considered where there are a surplus of places in the academy / course(s) applied for once the oversubscription criteria has been applied.

Lord Nelson Sixth Form Selection Requirements

Your choice of Sixth Form is an important one and we want to make sure we get it right for you. We have really high expectations and it is essential that you choose the right courses to enable you to succeed. You should therefore refer to the entry requirements for both the level of qualification and each individual subject.  Where you do not meet the requirements, but feel that there are good reasons why you should be allowed on the course; please feel free to come and discuss this with one of the Sixth Form team.

All internal candidates seeking transfer to our Sixth Form, and all external candidates seeking admission to our Sixth Form, will need to have the same minimum academic qualifications for entry:

Level 3 Academic Entry Requirements

In order to follow an academic Level 3 programme of study you should have achieved five or more GCSE (or equivalent) Grade 5s or above, including English* and mathematics.

In addition you should have achieved the GCSE grades below to study the individual subjects of your choice.

A-LevelAdditional GCSE subject specific requirements shown below:
Art6 in Art – GCSE Art is compulsory
Biology6 in Biology or 7-6 in Double Science
Business7 in Business GCSE or 5 in English
English Literature6 in English*
Further Mathematics8 in Mathematics
Students should also be studying Mathematics GCE
Geography6 in Geography – GCSE Geography is compulsory
History6 in History
Mathematics7 in Mathematics
Physics8 in Physics or 7-7 in Double Science and an 8 in Mathematics Students should also be studying Mathematics GCE 
Psychology6 in English*    
Sociology6 in English*    

English* – Both English Language and English Literature accepted

Vocational Courses

We offer the following subjects as Vocational courses:

Computer Science BTEC

Sport BTEC

Psychology BTEC


Applied Science BTEC

DT Engineering BTEC

Creative Media BTEC

Business BTEC

Health & Social Care BTEC

Performing Arts BTEC


Beauty – Full time course

Level 3 Vocational Entry Requirements

In order to follow a Vocational or mixed Level 3 programme of study you should have achieved five or more GCSE (or equivalent) Grade 5s or above, including English Language or Literature and mathematics although we will apply some flexibility where you can demonstrate aptitude and enthusiasm for this subject, yet you may not fully match our entry requirements. Those students without a 4 in English or mathematics, will take a level 2 qualification in these as part of their studies.

In-year Admissions

Applications for in-year admissions are considered in the same way as those made at the beginning of the academic year. We will also consider whether it is appropriate to place a student in the class late based on the learning that has been missed. If the student is transferring from another sixth form and was doing an equivalent course this will be taken into account in deciding whether a place can be offered.

In-year admissions forms can be obtained from the Sixth Form, please contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

If the academy refuses entry, the local authority may request a direction from the Education Funding Agency (on behalf of the Secretary of State). The decision of the Secretary of State will be binding upon the academy.

Unsuccessful Applications

The academy will inform the child’s parent if a decision has been made to refuse their child a place at the academy for which they have applied, this will include the reason why admission was refused, information about the right to appeal, deadlines and contact details.